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<< Previous | 7.14.2005 | Flags in Bali

Taken: Bali, Indonesia @ June 2005
I still have a few more San Francisco pictures that I like, but I just can't wait to post some Bali pictures.. so here it is. :) I asked some locals there. They said the flags were supposed to be a symbol of purity. I saw them at my best friend's wedding and at some religious buildings. Sometimes the flags were all white, some were all red, and some have some kinds of patterns on them. I don't really know why they are different.
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    • it's called umbul-umbul OR lelontekan in balinese. actually it represents the dragon, originally just bamboo with coconut leaves. but now people use fabric (flag). there's an umbul-umbul festival in sanur last august, they came in many many different colors. just exciting. 
      Posted by emerald
      @ September 29, 2005 4:39 AM