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Taken: Chelsea Market, NYC @ Nov 2004
We are running out of things to do in NYC. We have been to all the tourist spots. We have been to all the museums. We don't like clubbing. Chelsea Pier is too expensive. Besides going to great restaurants for brunch and dinner on weekends, we have nothing to do between meals. And one day, we came across Chelsea Market. That gave us things to do for a little while. They have a great florist, great houseware kitchenware shops, hale and hearty soups, and several yummy bakeries where you can see them bake it right there. And then....we are running out of things to do in NYC again... Any suggestions?
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    • I like the lighting in background of this picture. @ March 27, 2005 1:00 AM    
    • Love the two figures and the way they are framed.. The light is really wonderful, as is the symmetry of the shot! :) charlie - alwayscurious.com @ March 27, 2005 1:13 AM    
    • I like the light on the floor. Where is this place exactly? @ March 27, 2005 4:44 PM    
    • Thank everyone for the comments. :) Chelsea Market is at 15th St and 9 Ave. @ March 28, 2005 4:21 PM    
    • This shot has such great warmth. Nicely done. @ March 29, 2005 8:44 AM    
    • When I get bored, I put the subway map on the wall and throw a dart at it. Then I go to the closest subway stop that I haven't yet been to. It's amazing how many of those there are between all the boroughs... and every neighborhood is so vastly different. I spent last weekend taking photos in a Harlem area I've never been to, and it was a lot of fun. @ April 05, 2005 8:37 PM    
    • Lovely shot, really! The clock, the glowing floor, the arch -- there are just so many neat elements here. @ April 06, 2005 1:28 PM    
    • color is nice. i like the reflection on the floor. @ April 14, 2005 2:12 PM